Monday, February 20, 2012

Beginning of A New Endeavor

Hello! My name is Jonah and I am a teenage Catholic. I love my faith and everything that goes with it. I am starting this blog so my friends and anyone interested can check in to see what I have written to try to help myself and others grow in our faith and relationship with God. As teens many of us have distractions of sorts that can lead to sin and a strained relationship with our Heavenly Father.

So as I start this blog, I want to offer up a prayer to the Holy Spirit that our hearts and minds to be open to our God.

Holy Spirit, we pray that our hearts and minds may be open to the will of our God. We ask that our relationship with You may be strengthened through others. We ask this as we pray in the most holy name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Our actions here on earth have an eternal effect. Either we choose to follow Christ and do His will, or we can choose to do the work of the devil and disregard the true God. As a teen this is the turning point of our spiritual life. With all of the temptations is high school such as drinking, drugs, sex, as well as other sins it is a wonder that people can make it through still strong in their faith. That is my goal here; I want to provide a place where someone who is struggling can find words of strength and encouragement. We are going to battle the devil and his demons together, and we know that if we put our faith in Christ, we can win!